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The European Parliament sets an ambitious target to develop hydrogen transport in Europe

News update 19.10.2022

Cutting of fossil fuels and related greenhouse gas emissions from transport sector will be accelerated in Europe. The Members of European Parliament voted today to support more ambitious goals for full-electric and hydrogen vehicles. MEPs suggest setting up hydrogen refuelling stations with maximum distance of 100 km along main EU roads by 2028. This translates into 1 780 HRS and 59 000 trucks.

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HydRe prepares to build the Finland's first hydrogen refuelling station for heavy transport in Lempäälä

News update 3.10.2022

Finnish hydrogen refuelling leader HydRe has signed a Letter of Intent on developing a hydrogen integrate with its close partner Flexens and the local energy company Lempäälän Energia. HydRe prepares to build a high-capacity hydrogen refuelling station for heavy transport in a logistical center in Lempäälä, Finland. Green hydrogen would be produced by Flexens in an electrolysis unit, which is attached with the refuelling station at the same site.

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RRF grant application submitted

News update 4.3.2022

HydRe aims to build the first three hydrogen refuelling stations in Finland by the end of 2024. On the 4th of March 2022, the startup submitted a funding application to the RRF funding call of the Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economic Affairs (TEM).

HydRe has successfully identified three sites for hydrogen refuelling stations and prepared several pre-agreements with potential hydrogen suppliers. Planning of hydrogen vehicle fleets continues and encouraging messages are received from the forerunner trucking companies and truck manufacturers. The three first stations are planned in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. Also, the company is discussing on financing terms with several organisations.

HydRe started up

News update 1.2.2022

The startup HydRe saw the daylight in January 2022. The company is founded to fight climate change and build a network of hydrogen refuelling stations in the northern Europe starting from Finland. By delivering hydrogen to heavy road traffic, HydRe enables development of zero-emission transport along full-electric vehicles. While biofuels are important for emission reduction of trucking in 2020's, hydrogen is the destination.

The team, Juho-Matti, Petri and Aleksi, are experienced with hydrogen, investment projects and gas refuelling stations. We'll pave the path. We'll walk the talk.

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